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Social media is an important part of marketing and communications strategies in the business world today. By facilitating a two-way conversation, social media can be beneficial for organizations that sell products and/or services. Etap Communications can help strategize and identify the most appropriate social media mix, function and frequency for your business. Etap Communications offers:

Social media is an inexpensive tool that should be incorporated into your marketing mix to further your reach. Social media is here to stay and can be used to benefit you and your company's professional goals.

Etap Communications' Social Media Statistics

In the management of The Downtowners’ social media profiles (volunteer position for a business networking group) over a 15 month time period, their Twitter followers increased an average of 44% each month; Facebook “likes” increased 16% each month; and the LinkedIn group’s membership for the organization increased an average of 11% each month.

At a trade show, used social media to track the amount of literature picked up at the sponsor literature table. Forty-four handouts were left, 18 were picked up (41% Phase I response rate) and 14 people used their mobile phones to scan a QR code on the hand-out which directed them to the Regional Vice President’s FourSquare account. This geolocation social media site directed them to where he last “checked in.” Users were directed to find the Regional Vice President using his FourSquare check-ins and they would be given a prize. Out of the 18 that were picked up, 14 people found the Regional Vice President (78% Phase II response rate).

In the creation of two LinkedIn groups geared toward the railway industry, one has grown to more than 4,000 people in five years and gave us the inspiration to conceptualize an annual face-to-face networking hour at the industry’s largest trade show.

In one year, a Pinterest profile created for a startup client had more than 2,000 repins and nearly 500 likes on it’s 846 pins, an average of 2.9 interactions per pin. The company's Google+ page received nearly 1,500 views in three months, averaging about 16 views a day.