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Marketing Support

Marketing encompasses a lot of things, including the services Etap Communications provides. You may be wary of hiring a full-time person to help you with marketing. At Etap Communications, we help you on a project-by-project basis based on your needs and goals.

Strategic Communications Plan

A Marketing Strategy, or Strategic Communications Plan, is a written document that guides your company to achieve its goals. This plan is essential for any company to succeed and grow. Etap Communications helps our clients in creating or revising and updating their Marketing Strategy plans.

First, we will go through your goals and decide where you want to be in one, two and five years. Then we will discuss what tactics have been successful and unsuccessful in the past. From here, Etap Communications will generate the Marketing Strategy plan, which will include specific objectives and tactics that should be implemented to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the process.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an important tool to use for your business or organization. It’s a cost-effective tool to use that can easily keep new, old, or prospective customers updated on any news within your business. Etap Communications can design your Email Marketing campaigns, provide content, manage subscriptions, and provide reports. 

Graphic Design

Sometimes it’s difficult to have that visual ability (or the time) to put together a brochure, advertisement, business cards, a new logo, packaging, etc. Etap Communications has the tools and talent to help with all of your graphic needs. We understand how to make things looks pleasant to the eye and still get the right message across that our clients want to achieve. 

Business Administration Services

Whether you're in-between employees or simply need assistance with that big project, Etap Communications can help fill the gap with services, such as:

Not sure if your project fits with what Etap Communications can provide? Call and discuss your project today.